About the shop

Found in Sweden does exactly what it says on the tin. Everything you find in this shop is hunted and gathered in Sweden. Located on the beautiful Javaplein, in Amsterdam East, the shop offers everything from mid-century sideboards and other larger pieces of furniture, to smaller items such as lamps, candleholders and table cloths. The shop is constantly shifting and changing, with new items weekly, either fresh from Sweden, or fresh out of the workshop. Many, although not all the pieces are restored back to their former glory, or refreshed with new colour or new fabric.

It’s a shop that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so whilst some pieces are designer classics with a somewhat bigger price tag, there’s also plenty of affordable goodness from the previous century. You’ll find items that are beautiful and pristine, but also items that are a little silly or rough around the edge. Sometimes the shop is clean and neat, sometimes chaotic. Some pieces make it online, others don’t. You get the gist. In the world of vintage, you never know what you might find, and that is Found in Sweden in a nutshell. Come by for a browse, a chat, or a purchase. Up to you :)

About the owner

Vintage hunting has always been my passion. The thrill of the chase, not knowing what treasure I might stumble across, it just makes me happy. By the time I was a teenager, old, strange things had already started to find their way into my possession, confusing my parents and delighting me. I left Sweden age twenty, but whenever I went home to visit, an old piece of fabric or some other vintage thing would find its way into my suitcase.

Whilst living in Germany for a few years, my vintage obsession grew into a warehouse full of vintage furniture. At the time, there was no clear business idea, and I was working full-time as a freelance designer. I didn’t really have the time for it.

Having moved back to Amsterdam, I took a corporate job. For two years, it ate all of my energy and creativity, and spat me out, exhausted. It was the classic low point that became the turning point. And right at that time, the beautiful shop at Javaplein became available. Having no idea how to run a vintage business, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I’m not going to sugar coat, it has been quite the ride. Still, day by day, I learn and grow and things become easier.

I burn for my business, and I think it shows. I want to be a positive addition to the neighbourhood, and bring affordable, sustainable pieces to my customer’s homes, and a smile to their faces. I want to show my daughter that you can live your passion, also as a 40+ single mama. This is what I love doing, and even with the endless lifting, shifting, sanding, cleaning and driving, I still pinch myself that I get to do this for a living.